Devin O’Dea

Devin O’Dea is a man of many hobbies and interests, most of which center around his involvement with the cultural outdoor brand Fayettechill. Devin, along with Daniel and the rest of the Fayettechill Media team, seeks to create a outdoor culture that is unique to the experiences and community that surrounds him. Whether is through the production and direction of Fayettechill social media, website, videoshoots, photoshoots, festivals, outdoor yoga classes, craft beer, non-profit partnerships, Devin hopes to frame the company that he contributes to with authenticity, social importance, and purpose.

Devin originally planned on attending medical school after graduation college, but found himself on a train that was too fun and moving too fast to get off the ride. His areas of study during his undergraduate years were Biochemistry, Philosophy, and Classical Studies. Together his exposure to these subjects help him with the continuous problem solving and awareness of cultural context that his job requires. Devin’s main motivation with Fayettechill, and his career in general, is to contribute to as many individual’s sense of adventure, ambition, happiness, and and sense wonder as possible.