Jeff Bean

Jeff brings a perspective that few can – from attending public high school to graduating from an elite private college to later attending the University of Arkansas on a graduate fellowship, he has been an adjunct professor at both a private and public university for over 6 years.   He teaches marketing, operations management, and organizational behavior.  Noted for his enthusiasm and energy as well as real-world applications combined with deep academic rigor in the classroom, he was awarded ‘Faculty of the Year’ in 2009 as well as substantial ongoing praise from students and fellow faculty.  He continues to teach 000’s of students each year even as he maintains his ‘day job’ working on conceiving and implementing strategies to advance a dual goal of ‘successful accessibility’ to education at the world’s largest university.  Prior to this role, he has served in a business intelligence/operations capacity as well as having been a director of national accounts in which he assisted the leadership of the world’s largest corporations to achieve more through employee learning partnerships.  In summary, he has a true ‘insider’ perspective from the classroom, the corporate world, and the education industry as a whole on and a few ideas that will likely help you advance your own personal and professional goals of leading and serving others.