Jennifer Gilder

Jennifer Gilder is an artist, accomplished vocalist, avid Neil deGrasse Tyson fan, a ponderer of the universe and advocate for the advancement of scientific education in all mankind.  Ever the bibliophile she is a studier of many things from wet felting to String Theory: From crochet to ‘The Elegant Universe’ her endeavor to unravel the beauty of the natural world is unyielding and her appetite for knowledge is ever growing.  She has been a featured artist at Kennedy Coffee in Bentonville as well as  ‘Around the Block’ in Bentonville Arkansas.   She has recently worked in collaboration with Old High Middle School to further the creation of her  large scale, multimedia exhibition “The Universe Is In Us”.  The universe itself is her primary inspiration to create and the study of the aforementioned led to the inception of her large scale experiential art piece “The Universe Is In Us”, The main goal of which is to inspire people of all ages to come together to remember their intimate connection with each other as well as the universe at large.